Twist 3 Panel Kit 1m

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The 3 Panel Kit is a flexible display system that has the ability to create and recreate virtually any shape you require without having to change hardware or graphics. The Twist 3 Panel Kit offers the ability to create backdrops and exhibition displays that are not only unique and strong, but are also easy to assemble and transport. With an unprecedented amount of flexibility from a portable and modular stand, this product offers you a true return on investment; simply twist, bend and shape the stand to your needs. The days of being stuck with one stand configuration are finally at an end.


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TWIST 3 Panel Kit best solution for backdrops and exhibition displays

The TWIST 3 Panel Kit is the most ideal way to transform any stand into the greatest backdrop or exhibition display.  With a wide range of flexibility you can create and reconfigure virtually any desired shape without having to change hardware or graphics.

The strong an unique design is sure to stand out among any competitors. The kit is also easily and assembled and portable. This UK designed and manufactured product proves to be the most flexible and portable display for any of your company’s needs.

Technical Details

Graphics widths:

700mm • 800mm • 900mm • 1000mm • Custom available upon request

Graphic Heights:

2000mm • 2250mm • 2700mm [For overall stand height inc light add 150mm]

Product Weights:

2000mm graphic height • 20kg hardware only • 25kg including graphics

2250mm graphic height • 20.4kg hardware only • 26kg including graphics

2700mm graphic height • 21kg hardware only • 28kg including graphics

Weight N/A

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