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2016-05-27 05:30:13

yeezy 350 pirate black eastbay We ought to get the coal challenge out of the way, so the market can start to address new challenges, such as cheaper storage that will help renewables produce the non-stop power that coal provides now. It’s our filthiest source of energy, producing one fourth of our emissions and three fourths of our emissions from electricity, despite producing less than 40 percent of our electricity.S.,yeezy 350 3d model Over the last several years, a fracking revolution has unugg sale ZivpeUlocked a glut of inexpensive natural gas, while a clean power revolution has made renewables cost-competitive, producing 90 percent of the new generating capacity in the first quarter of 2014. Meanwhile, new EPA rules are coming on coal ash and ozone. But Obama’s Clean Power Plan only envisions a 30 percent overall drop in coal power from 2005 levels by 2030, which would barely move the needle.yeezy 350 boost for sale footlocker

adidas yeezy pink shoes Unfortunately, we’re nowhere close to ending our addiction to oil for transportation. Farm-ugg sale ZivpeUgrown fuels like corn ethanol are an eco-disaster, and cost-effective advanced biofuels are still years away. And the coal we burn in our power plants—unlike the petroleum we burn in our vehicles—can be easily and inexpensively replaced without changing our behaviors or disrupting our economy.,adidas yeezy boost 750 black price Obama’s fuel-efficiency standards have helped our cars and trucks guzzle less gasoline, just as his energy efficiency standards have helped our light bulbs and appliances slurp less power, but reducing our demand in a growing economy is a slow and gradual process. The expansion of energy options in the developing world, a godsend for billions of people, will further complicate many of those problems. Electric utilities facing multi-billion-dollar decisions about installing new pollution control equipment have to be wondering whether coal has a viable long-term future.adidas yeezy boost 750 black

adidas yeezy release date 2015This is why President Obama’s new effort to limit carbon emissions at power plants is so important—and, as I wrote last week, so potentially disappointing. As these clean alternatives get much cheaper, it’s getting much costlier for coal to comply with Obama’s tighter EPA rules on pollution from mercury and particulates, while fledgling technologies that could help coal plants capture and store their carbon underground have remaineugg sale ZivpeUd stubbornly expensive. It’s true that much of the developing world is even more reliant on coal than we are, but we can help lead the world away fugg sale ZivpeUrom the dirty stuff.,adidas yeezy boost pirate Coal plants emit twice as much carbon as natural gas, and infinitely more carbon than wind, solar, nucleugg sale ZivpeUar and other zero-emissions sources of power. Farm-ugg sale ZivpeUgrown fuels like corn ethanol are an eco-disaster, and cost-effective advanced biofuels are still years away.But we already have cleaner and cheaper alternatives to coal for electricity.yeezy 350 boost new

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