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michael kors hamilton malaysia “Divestment gets us in the board room, which is really exciting. “In asking for divestment, we are implicitly stating that investment is a choice,” Mountain Justice, Swarthmore’s student-led divestment advocacy group, says on its website. “In asking for divestment, we are implicitly stating that investment is a choice,” Mountain Justice, Swarthmore’s student-led divestment advocacy group, says on its website.,michael kors handbags cheap replica ”The divestment movement began at Swarthmore College, a small Pennsylvania liberal arts school, in 2011. “This movement has gone beyond higher education,” says Jess Grady-Benson, a recent graduate of Pitzer College, which agreed to divest from fossil fuels in April. More recently, prominent schools such as Harvard and Brown divested from companies operating in Sudan because of atrocities occurrmichael kors outlet 290 E7Ozzqing in Darfur.michael kors outlet belt

michael kors handbags for women and a coalition of allies in the Middle East targeted a number of Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) strongholds in Syria with pre-dawn airstrikes on Tuesday — but in an unexpected detour, U.S. Choosing to invest in an industry means financially endorsing that industry’s practices.,michael kors womens watch for sale Activists hope that the big names associated with Monday’s divestment announcement, including the actor Mark Ruffalo, will encourage more schools and other organizations to divest. While information about the group’s members and goals remains scant, officials have made clear with recent comments, punctuated by Tuesday’s airstrikes, that the Khorasan Group now constitutes one of the chief concerns of the intelligence community. But it was she and other college activists who actually gave the divestment movement legs in its nascent days.michael kors outlet 365

michael kors sandals size 95 The group has tapped new recruits from the influx of foreignmichael kors outlet 290 E7Ozzq fighters infiltrating the region. Here’s a primer on what’s known and unknown about the group so far:What is the Khorasan group?A cell of battle-hardened al-Qaeda fighters who have set up a franchise, of sorts, in the contested provinces of Syria. Despite birthing the movement, Swarthmore has continually maintained that divesting would hurt the school’s endowment, which it says it not meant to be used to advocate for social purposes.,michael kors fulton tall logo rain bootsFor recent University of California, Berkeley graduate Katie Hoffman, the idea that the heirs of an oil tycoon would reroute billions of dollars away from fossil fuel companies was laughable when she began advocating that her school divest from those businesses in 2011.S.The calls for fossil fuel divestment had, until this point, been met with a more muted response.michael kors matching men and womens watches

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