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michael kors jet set flap coin purse black” We were broken into groups and asked to devise, bit by bit, a new contest that could produce an innovation that would improve life in cities, for the poor and for the rich. Bill Gross, the CEO of Idealab, urged the audience to try to solve Beijing’s killer air pollution problem. We’d called it Web in michael kors handbags outlet locations 4Ctwrqa Box: to win our proposed contest, a team would have to design a piece of technology capable of providing backup internet service on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis in the event of a sustained blackout following a disaster.,michael kors womens boots “It’s not just tech and it’s not just start-up companies,” he said. I should have known that my group’s idea — loosely centered around finding a way to provide infinite water to urban households — might be in trouble when we began debating whether to play Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” during the pitch.”To do that, we needed ideas, and we slotted ourselves into different tracks for brainstorm sessions.michael kors marina medium messenger

michael kors charlton crossbody bag “It’s making a difference for disadvantaged people. The British government did this back in 1714 with the Longitude Prize, to be awarded to the first person who could develop a way for a seagoing ship to measure longitude. “Within 18 months of the contest, air passenger traffic had gone up 30 times,” says Chris Frangione, the vice president of prize michael kors handbags outlet locations 4Ctwrqdevelopment at XPRIZE.,michael kors handbags outlet 8999 “It’s not just tech and it’s not just start-up companies,” he said.A. The prize was won not by a navigator or ship’s captain — the class michael kors handbags outlet locations 4Ctwrqof experts who had been trying and failing to discover a solution — but by a clock maker named John Harrison.online cheap michael kors crossbody handbags

michael kors bags hamilton None of us were disaster experts, unless you can count living through Superstorm Sandy in New York City.”The point of the Visioneering conference was to brainstorm the next contest. We were broken into groups again, and tasked with designing a contest that would help cities prepare and bounce back from the next big natural disaster.,michael kors watch amazon The 25-year-old Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly nonstop from New York to Paris in 1927 in order to win a contest established by a hotelier named Raymond Orteig. We were even one of the five pitches that went up against each other in thmichael kors handbags outlet locations 4Ctwrqe finals on Saturday night—but no fault of Pat’s, we eventually went down in defeat, as the enti “This is why prizes are so powerful — they leverage resources.michael kors crossbody jetset

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