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michael kors handbags retailers”Indeed, Obama’s window is arguably nearly shut, at least legislatively speaking. “He’s setting up the choice and saying to Congress: Here’s what I can do and will do, and here’s what I can “Usually the problem is the gas tank’s running on empty, and Obama has used up most of his big initiatives early on.,michael kors mens shoes under 100 President George W. Chances are slim House Republicans will give the President a victory on immigration reform, tax reform or any other big-ticket items so close to the midterm elections. “I think he’ll push hard on two themes: increasing opportunity and social mobility — initiatives on job creation, wages, training, education — and frame those around the need for action,” says Jon Favreau, who wrote Obama’smichael kors handbags canada online EzFZcm first four State of the Union address and his February 2009 address to a joint session of Congress, but recently left the White House for the private sector.michael kors shoulder tote bedford

michael kors handbags on amazon So the challenge is to have something fresh to say,” says Khachigian.President George W.”In other words, he will give Congress a choice: work with me or I will go around you.,gold michael kors continental wallet ) Though Bush did not know it when he stood before an applauding joint session, he was already a lame duck by the spring of 2006.President George W. “I worked on Reagan’s ’87 State ofmichael kors handbags canada online EzFZcm the Union, and it was a challenge because we had really no new initiatives, nothing earthshaking, and so we were basically left with a tour de raison of past big achievements.michael kors shoulder bags sale

michael kors purse black crossover Bush found himself in a similar position ahead of his 2006 State of the Union. Congress has a few months to pass farm and transportation bills, a debt-ceiling increase and perhaps the Trade Promotion Authority before the campaign season overtakes all else. So the challenge is to have something fresh to say,” says Khachigian.,good quality replica michael kors handbags “Not just executive actions that he can take himself, but highlighting actions that people outside Washington can and are taking: mayors, companies, citizens, etc. Still, on the small hope that they might get something done, Obama is reportedly holding his fire on shaming the GOP on immigration. michael kors handbags canada online EzFZcm But as the 2014 election approaches, passing bipartisan legislation will only get more difficult, and then the 2016 presidential election will likely overshadow any policy pushes.President George W.michael kors large signature backpacks

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