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2015 michael kors fulton handbag Part of his campaign was to emphasize the fact that his son had to “take care” in dealing with the police. Obviously he continued that message and said it again in the aftermath of the grand jury in Staten Island. So to the extent that they were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do, yeah, it was peaceful.,michael kors handbags price malaysia Yet he started his campaign directed at policing and policing practices. The rhetoric that he used during the campaign, he’s still using when he’s trying to govern. These officers, the vast majority, were not in policing at that time.girls michael kors sandals

michael kors crossbody fulton small [Mayor de Blasio] is trying to do the job as he sees it. So there certainly wasn’t overreaction on the part of the police. [Mayor de Blasio] is trying to do the job as he sees it.,michael kors pink handbags uk [The criteria] can’t michael kors est 1981 handbags aKPpgIbe arrest data because that could be biased, it can’t be census data because logically, half your stops would be women, which makes no sense. He won the election, but on election day, we had a 65% approval rating. Whether or not that’s the right thing to do—I mean, you can move people off of property without arresting them.michael kors hamilton pump shoes

michael kors bags outlet california Some of his rhetoric has been careless, and some of the rhetoric that he used in the campaign he continues to use. In other words, the government is left out of it. I myself had a 75% approval rating.,michael kors watch gold women 2015 What would you say to that?The demonstrations were peaceful because the police didn’t engage with the demonstrators for the most part. That information was not used in the trial. And [de Blasio] hasn’t been as careful as he should have been with his rhetoric.michael kors ladies watches

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