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michael kors eyeglasses frames 2016 Yet that doesn’t mean the juries will have an easy decision to make. But that is obviously wrong.Businesses that use these on-demand workers have been able to scale fast partly because they are not on the hook for treating their personal shoppers or drivers or deliverymen like employees.,michael kors purse on sale in chili Will Ferrell gets ready for batting practice on the field this morning before he starts for the #athletics during a #springtraining game in Mesa. Under this theory, Lyft drivers perform services only for their riders, while Lyft is an uninterested bystander of sorts, merely furnishing a platform that allows drivers and riders to connect, analogous perhaps to a company like eBay.t of an HBO documentary.michael kors grayson medium satchel outlet

michael kors sneakers for women brown Among the other startups that could be affected by the eventual rulings is Instacart, a company that organizes workers who shop for and deliver groceries to users in as little as an hour.michael kors bags sale dubai 3ut0vCLiss-Riordan notes that in rejecting the companies’ requests to have the cases dismissed, the judges were also rejecting the notion that Uber and Lyft are not in the business of providing transportation. “They’re claiming there’s something new and different because their services are provided through technology, through a smartphone … but there’s nothing new about this.,michael kors eyeglasses 2015 twitter. #FerrellTakesTheField pic. Just as Uber has long insisted that the company is a not a transportation service, executives at Instacart say that they are not a grocery delivery company but a software platform whose app allows people to deliver groceries to other people who want them.michael kors outlet atlanta ga

michael kors 3 in 1 District Court Judge Vince Chhabria wrote in his ruling:Lyft tepidly asserts there is no need to decide how to classify the drivers, because tmichael kors bags sale dubai 3ut0vChey don’t perform services for Lyft in the first place. #FerrellTakesTheField pic.twitter.,michael kors watch women pink Ferrell will also be partnering with MLB. “As should now be clear,” he wrote, “the jury in this case will be handed a square peg and asked to choose between two round holes. The company is less than three years old and has been valued at billion.michael kors 2015 coupons

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